Verify Connections and Check LEDs

Basic Troubleshooting

IntelĀ® PAC
Napatech SmartNIC
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User Guide


  1. Verify that network cables are properly connected.
    Make sure the cable connectors are pushed right in. You should feel and hear a small click.
  2. Check if the SmartNIC is properly installed into the PCI bus interface.
    You should power off the server before handling anything inside the server to avoid any damage.
  3. Verify that the hub or switch has power if the connection is on a local network.
  4. Check if the pluggable modules support the same interface as those in the connected network device, e.g. SR, LR, or ER.

    For information on modules that have been qualified by Napatech for use with the SmartNIC, see

  5. Check the LEDs on the SmartNIC.

    For a detailed description of the LEDs, see LED Information.