WinPcap-NT Types of Installation

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Software Installation Guide
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Link™ Capture Software 12.4

The WinPcap-NT installer offers these types of installation:

Type of installation Description Equivalent Command-Line Options
Full Install all components. /ALL = /EXAMPLES /DOCS /SRCS
Typical Install WinPcap Binaries and WinPcap API. This is the default setting. No options set
Minimal Install only WinPcap Binaries. /NODEV
Docs only Installs only WinPcap Documentation. /DOCSONLY = /NOBIN /NODEV /DOCS
Custom Any other combination of component options. Any other combination of component options.
WinPcap Binaries Install only WinPcap Binaries. /NODEV
WinPcap Dev. Pack Install only WinPcap API and -WinPcap Examples. /NOBIN /EXAMPLES
WinPcap API Install only WinPcap API. /NOBIN
WinPcap Source Code Install only WinPcap Source Code. /NOBIN /NODEV /SRCS