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Getting Started

Napatech SmartNIC
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To start using the SmartNIC:


  1. Turn off the server in which to install the SmartNIC.
  2. Install the SmartNIC in an empty PCI Express slot in the unpowered server following the procedures in these documents:

    The documents can be found on (the Napatech Documentation Portal).

    Note: The ports with the highest numbers are the ones closest to the PCI connector, and the ports with the lowest numbers are the ones furthest away.
  3. Before plugging in the server, check that the power requirements are compatible with the local power supply.
  4. Download the product package from (the Napatech Support Portal).
  5. For Linux, install all of the contents of the product package in one operation by running the script (located in the root directory of the unpacked product package file):
    # ./

    For more information about the options offered by the script, see DN-0379.

    For Windows, use the Napatech Software Suite installer for Windows to install the Napatech Windows Driver and the Napatech Tools (see DN-1067).

  6. Refer to the documents described in Documents for further information.