Configuration Overview

Software Architecture

Napatech SmartNIC
Overview Document

Configuration types

Configuration is carried out in four different ways:

  • Static – set up in the ntservice.ini configuration file
  • Dynamic – through NTPL (Napatech programming language)
  • Dynamic – through the configuration stream
  • Dynamic – through command line tools

Configuration of various features

This table shows which features are configured by which methods.

Option ntservice.ini NTPL API Tool
Time stamp parameters X      
Time synchronization parameters X      
Transmission parameters X     X
Maximum frame size X      
Packet descriptors X X    
Physical NUMA node X      
Socket load balancing X      
QPI bypass X      
Host buffers X      
Filtering   X    
Slicing   X    
Local retransmission   X    
IP fragment handling   X    
Line loopback     X X
Host loopback     X X
Link speed     X X
Link duplex     X X
Link MDI     X X
Link advertising     X X
Link IFG minimum/maximum     X X