Software Architecture

Napatech SmartNIC
Overview Document


To initialize an NT accelerator, the driver must be loaded, and ntservice must be started as described in DN-0379 or DN-1067.

Starting ntservice

ntservice is started with default options, which means that accelerators are initialized in the order they are found and with default values. For Linux, starting ntservice also loads the driver if needed.

The first time ntservice is started, a default ntservice.ini file is created based on the accelerators in the system, if no ntservice.ini file exists already, ntservice.ini is the Napatech Software Suite configuration file.

When ntservice is started, it initializes all configured accelerators and allocates host buffer memory. ntservice.ini contains static configuration. Therefore you must restart ntservice to, for instance, change the host buffer sizes.

All information and data are then accessible through the concept of streams. See Streams for further information on streams.

Changing the default configuration

To change the default configuration, edit the ntservice.ini file.

Items initialized

The accelerator initialization includes initialization of SDRAM, flash, sensors and network interface modules (NIMs).

NT_Init function

The NT_Init function is used for initializing Napatech Software Suite and must be called by all applications as the first function.