Napatech Software Suite

Software Architecture

Napatech SmartNIC
Overview Document


Napatech Software Suite is the third-generation driver (3GD) for Napatech accelerators and a software platform, which can scale to new hardware platforms.

Furthermore, Napatech Software Suite can scale to new features introduced in the accelerator hardware as well as in the driver itself – or in a combination of hardware and software to solve more complicated user scenarios.

Major key points of Napatech Software Suite are ease of use, high performance, low CPU utilization and scalable design.


This drawing illustrates the Napatech Software Suite architecture by showing the various parts of Napatech Software Suite.


ntservice is the module where most of the functionality is placed and the module that communicates with the accelerators.

NT Driver

NT Driver is the kernel space driver, which has a limited functionality. It is used for:

  • ISR handling
  • PCI bar mmap
  • Host buffer allocation/mmap
  • Events/locks
  • NUMA abstraction

NT Driver is GPL-compliant and therefore open source.


LibNTOS is the OS abstraction layer that makes it possible for Napatech Software Suite to support multiple operating systems based on the same code base.


LibNTAPI is the library for NTAPI, which is the user API (see NTAPI) and the link to the applications.