Installation and Use of Napatech Link™ Capture Software for Intel® PAC with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA

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Installing and configuring Bro for Napatech Link™ Capture Software.


Bro is an open source Unix-based network monitoring framework.

Bro can be installed for use with Napatech Link™ Capture Software in two ways:
  • Bro can be installed from binary packages and use libpcap interfaces to Napatech Link™ Capture Software.
  • To get optimal performance, install a Napatech packet source plugin for Bro.

Package-based installation

Find a suitable precompiled Bro package for your OS distribution. See Installing and Running libpcap Applications for general information about how to install and use package-based applications with Napatech libpcap.

See DN-0428 for more information about configuration of Napatech libpcap.

For general information about installation of Bro, see

For installation instructions for specific Bro versions, see the INSTALL file in the Bro package.

To use the Napatech interfaces, edit the node.cfg file according to your specific configuration.

This example sets up a 2-node cluster that listens on the Napatech pcap devices napa0 and napa1. This configuration works with the default ntpcap.ini file.
# Example BroControl node configuration.

# This is a complete standalone configuration.  Most likely you 
# only need to change the interface.
# [bro]
# type=standalone
# host=localhost
# interface=napa0

## Below is an example clustered configuration. If you use this,
## remove the [bro] node above.





Napatech packet source plugin for Bro

Building and running Bro with Napatech support involves the following steps:

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