Check Whether the SmartNIC is Detected on Windows

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lspci works on Windows as well as Linux. See Check Whether the SmartNIC is Detected on Linux

Windows binaries for the PCI Utilities are available for download at


devcon, the Device Console utility, is a command-line tool that displays detailed information about devices on Windows.

The following example uses the devcon find command to search for PCI devices that contain the Napatech vendor ID 18f4.

devcon find pci\*18F4*
PCI\VEN_18F4&DEV_01D5&SUBSYS_000118F4&REV_00\4&39CDA168&0&0010: Napatech NT50B01 Analysis Network Adapter
1 matching device(s) found.

devcon is included in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK), available from You do not need to install a complete development environment in order to install the WDK. Get the Windows Driver Kit installer at


DevManView is an alternative Windows device manager from NirSoft.

DevManView is available at