Check the Driver and FPGA Compatibility

Basic Troubleshooting

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Napatech SmartNIC
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Link™ Capture Software 12.8


If the driver is loaded successfully, but the ntservice daemon or NTService has failed to start, please check if the driver version is compatible with the SmartNIC FPGA image / AFU. The compatible FPGA versions are listed in the release note of the driver, e.g. Release Note for Napatech Link Software Driver Version 3.22.1 (filename: nt_driver_3gd-linux-3.22.1.html).

Please confirm with Napatech Technical Support that the SmartNIC has the correct part number so that the associated FPGA version can be checked from the part number of the SmartNIC.

Part numbers can be identified via the part number labels on the SmartNICs. The part numbers are shown on these labels as a barcode and in readable text. This figure shows an example of a part number label.
Figure. Part Number.

In this example 801-0074-08-00 is the part number (PN) of the SmartNIC.

Part Number label with identification number and barcode

Some part number labels include a revision in the part number, for instance 810-0029-01-02-03. The revision is not displayed by the productinfo tool.