Check the Driver and FPGA Version Using productinfo

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Verify driver and FPGA version

If the driver is loaded successfully, and the ntservice daemon or NTService is running, you can verify the currently running driver and FPGA version information simply by running the productinfo utility. The productinfo command displays information about a specific SmartNIC or all SmartNICs including the SmartNIC type, FPGA version, AVR version, the driver version etc.


An example of the productinfo output for an NT20E2 SmartNIC on Linux is shown below.

# /opt/napatech3/bin/productinfo -a 0
Adapter 0  NT50B01-01-NEBS-2x25-E3-FF-ANL Analysis Network Adapter
P/N                      : 825-0002-01-10
Serial No                : 0000-254144
PBA                      : 073-014201-02
FPGA flash image #0      : 200-9542-50-02
FPGA flash image #1      : 200-9541-47-07
AVR                      : 3.5

productinfo (v. indicates the driver version

FPGA flash image #0 : 200-9542-50-02
FPGA flash image #1 : 200-9541-47-07
indicates the FPGA version.

Run productinfo on Windows

The productinfo tool is under the installation directory on Windows e.g. C:\Program Files\Napatech3\bin. The following command example is to run productinfo on Windows.

C:\Program Files\Napatech3\bin>productinfo –a 0

If the FPGA version is not compatible with the driver version, please contact Napatech Technical Support for the FPGA update on the SmartNIC.

Please see DN-0449 for more information on the productinfo tool.