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Retrieve SmartNIC information

The supportinfo tool is used to collect support information from the system for debugging purposes. Running the supportinfo tool will generate an output file. The output file name is supportinfo-YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss.tar.gz on Linux and supportinfo-YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss.log on Windows.
Note: YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss is the year, month, day, hour, minutes and seconds at the time the supportinfo dump was created.
The file contains information about SmartNICs, logs, the system OS etc. When the problem persists, a supportinfo output file should be made by running the supportinfo tool on Linux as shown below.
# /opt/napatech3/bin/supportinfo
The supportinfo tool is under the installation directory on Windows e.g. C:\Program Files\Napatech3\bin. The following command example is to create the supportinfo dump file on Windows.
C:\Program Files\Napatech3\bin>supportinfo

Please refer to DN-0449 for more details about the supportinfo tool.