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External LEDs

Typically there are three kinds of external LEDs:
  • System LED
  • Time synchronization LED
  • Activity LEDs
Activity LEDs for four ports, system LED and external time synchronization LED

If no LEDs are lit on the SmartNIC, the SmartNIC is not plugged in, or it is unpowered. If the SmartNIC LEDs are red, either the hardware is defective, or the SmartNIC is not receiving a signal from the network. If you experience any problems, make sure the cable is properly connected to the connector, and the connected device is compliant with the SmartNIC. Then check the LEDs again. Please refer to the relevant Hardware Installation Guide for further details on the LEDs.

The System LED indicates that the FPGA is loaded and the system is running.
  • Solid green: The FPGA is loaded, and the system is OK.
  • Flashing red: There is a fatal error.
The Activity LEDs indicate that packets are being received or transmitted.
  • Solid green: The SmartNIC is connected and the driver is loaded but there is no traffic.
  • Flashing green: Data is being received or transmitted.
The Time synchronization LED indicates that a time synchronization signal is detected or generated.
  • Flashing green: A time synchronization signal is detected or generated.