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Basic Troubleshooting

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Link™ Capture Software 12.8

I cannot run the tools in the Napatech Software Suite [Linux]

To use the tools in the Napatech Software Suite, you must have root privileges.

I cannot replay a capture file that was created using a commodity NIC [Linux]

Many commodity NICs have options to offload segmentation. If these options are enabled, a capture file may contain large frames exceeding the size that SmartNICs with Napatech Software Suite will handle (10000 bytes).

To avoid this problem, disable segmentation offload before capturing:
$ sudo ethtool -K eth0 tso off
$ sudo ethtool -K eth0 ufo off
$ sudo ethtool -K eth0 gso off
$ sudo ethtool -K eth0 gro off
$ sudo ethtool -K eth0 lro off

Do you use Wireshark to create capture files? Edit->preferences->Protocols->ipV4-> and uncheck "Reassemble fragmented IPv4 datagrams".

If a SmartNIC with Napatech Software Suite is available on the host, consider using the ntpcap_capture tool.