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Guidance and help for first time users of the portal.

Tip: If you simply click without entering any search text, you'll get a list of all the publications we offer, in alphabetical order.


You can search in the normal way, by typing your text into the search bar, and clicking:

The predictive search will try to match a book, PDF or topic to your search entry, if appropriate.

If you search and there are no close or matching results, try removing the search term or filters. If you are not sure what you need, a blank search is a good place to start from as it allows you to filter and add keywords as you go.


You can use filters to refine your search results. These are shown under the search bar on the home page:
Search bar and filters on home page. Platform highlighted showing the platforms available

and in the left margin on the search page:
Content Type filter selected
Tip: Filters vary depending on what you are searching for. A filter is only shown if there is content associated with it.

Search results

Search results can be one of these formats. For each type of document, click the title to open the content:

Book icon: This relates to a Napatech book or publication. You can scroll through a book, and save a PDF copy of the book from the Downloads page.

PDF icon: This is a Napatech published PDF. You can download it directly from the search pane, or click the title to see a preview and other PDF options.

Topic icon: This is a small section of a book, for example, a concept or task. The location of the topic is shown in the breadcrumb. You can preview topics without opening them.

Tip: If you want to search in the PDF and book titles, select the Search in document titles only check box. This means that no topics are returned (but also that the name of the book or PDF must contain the whole search string).

Using the icons

Use the icons to navigate your way around the Documentation Portal. These are displayed in the left side margin when you are in either the Search view or within a document:
Icon Description Location
Attachments icon Shows if there is an associated attachment. For example, this could be a PDF of the publication, a zip file or a video In document
Back to results icon Takes you back to the last search results page In document
Document properties icon Shows the metadata associated with a document In document
Filters icon Hides or shows the filters available (e.g. Platform, or Software version) for the search results Search view
Related links icon Shows if there are other relevant documents for suggested further reading In document
Saves your current search as a shareable link Search view
Search in document icon Allows you to search in the current document only In document
Table of contents icon Hides or shows the table of contents In document
Minimise icon Minimizes the icons in the left margin In document and Search view

These icons are shown at the top of the document:

: Share the URL of the document that you are in.

: Send feedback to the Napatech documentation team. Click the icon and an email window opens.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!