Defining Streams Using Hash Keys

Feature Set N-ANL9

Napatech SmartNIC
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When defining streams based on hash keys, any of the supported hash key types can be used (but only one at a time).

The generated hash value is multiplied by the number of feeds and then shifted down ((hash value * number of feeds) >> 32), which corresponds to an adapted modulus of the MSBs (most significant bits) of the 32-bit hash value.

If the specified hash key cannot be calculated for a frame, the frame is distributed using hash key type 31, round-robin.

NTPL example

This NTPL example divides all frames between streams 0 and 1 based on hash values and sends frames without 5-tuples to host buffer 0:

HashMode = Hash5Tuple
Assign[StreamId = (0..1)] = All