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Napatech SmartNIC
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The type of hash key to be used can be selected dynamically for each frame based on the frame protocol information. This means that depending on the protocol fields available in a frame, a hash key type can be selected that matches this information. For instance, a 5-tuple hash key can be used for a TCP frame, while a 2-tuple sorted hash key can be used for an IP frame. NTPL can be used for configuring which hash key types are used for which frame types.

NTPL example

This NTPL example specifies dynamic hash key selection by setting up the accelerator to use a 5-tuple hash key for TCP frames, and a 2-tuple sorted hash key for all other IPv4 frames:

HashMode[Priority = 0; Layer4Type = TCP] = Hash5Tuple
HashMode[Priority = 1; Layer3Type = IPV4] = Hash2TupleSorted