From Green Bay 2 to Huntington Beach 4.1

Napatech SmartNIC
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This chapter lists the NTPL commands and parameters that were supported in the Green Bay 2 release but that are not supported for 4GA SmartNICs in the Huntington Beach 4.1 release or that have changed for these SmartNICs. See DN-0449 for the complete NTPL syntax for 4GA SmartNICs in Huntington Beach 4.1.

Assign command

The Color parameter is now set to a 32-bit value instead of an integer between 0 and 63.
Note: However, only the bits supported by the packet descriptor that is selected for a frame will contribute to the color.

The TxIgnore and TxPort parameters will change the values of the corresponding bits in the standard packet descriptor of a captured file, but they will only have an affect if a Setup NTPL command points to the bits in question using the TxIgnorePos or the TxPortPos parameter, respectively.

The Decapsulate parameter is not supported.

Align is a new parameter for 4GA SmartNICs in the Huntington Beach 4.1 release. Its default value is Packed. This means that per default frames are stored back-to-back in the host buffer with no padding in between, while in the Green Bay 2 release frames were always 8-byte aligned and zero-padded.

Retransmit command

The DestinationPort parameter cannot be set to multiple ports.

Deduplication command

The Deduplication command is not supported.

HashMode command

The IPMatch parameter is not supported.

For the TupleSwap parameter the IPMatchFirst and IPMatchLast values are not supported.

If a hash mask is defined using the HashMask command, this must be done before the HashMode command.

HashMask command

The HashMask command must always appear before the corresponding HashMode command.

IPFMode command

For the ClassifyUnmatched parameter the All value is not supported.

IPMatchList command

The ListType parameter is not supported.

Protocol tests

The JumboFrame parameter is not supported.

For the Layer3Protocol parameter the IPX value is not supported.

Data tests

For data tests the ByteStr32 data type is not supported for 4GA SmartNICs; and data values and data masks are restricted for 4GA SmartNICs compared to Green Bay 2. Furthermore, some NTPL expressions from Green Bay 2 might have to be rewritten to better utilize the resources.

Error tests

For error tests the FrameSmall, FrameLarge, IpChecksumError, UdpChecksumError, TcpChecksumError, DecodeError and InnerDecodeError values are not supported.