NtNetBuf_s Structure

From Green Bay 2 to Huntington Beach 4.1

Napatech SmartNIC
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This section describes a change to the NtNetBuf_s structure in the include/ntapi/stream_net.h file.

Changed parameter

The length parameter has changed from an uint32_t type in Green Bay 2 to an uint64_t type for 4GA SmartNICs in Huntington Beach 4.1 to accommodate for the larger buffer size.

Changed examples

These examples have been changed accordingly:
  • examples/net/capture/capture_example.c
  • examples/net/transmitSegment/transmitSegment_example.c

Changed tools

These tools have been changed accordingly:
  • tools/capture/capture.c
  • tools/diagnostics/diagnostics.c
  • tools/pktgen/pktgen.c
  • tools/replay/replay.c


The NTAPI_VERSION definition in the include/ntapi/version.h file has changed from 1 in Green Bay 2 to 2 for 4GA SmartNICs in Huntington Beach 4.1 because the change in NtNetBuf_s requires that applications are recompiled.


Due to the changes application code will need to be recompiled, and tools/applications from earlier driver releases will no longer work. If the NtNetBuf_s structure is accessed directly from application code (not utilizing the provided macros), updates to the application code might be needed.