Configuring PXE Boot in BIOS

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Link-Virtualization™ Software 4.5

PXE boot (also known as network boot) must be enabled on the overcloud servers (the controller and compute nodes) for overcloud deployment.

About this task

iDRAC9 of a Dell server is used for this procedure. You must adapt the procedure for other iDRAC versions or other servers.
Note: This procedure is not applicable to the undercloud server (the director node).


  1. Login in to the iDRAC and click Launch Virtual Console from the iDRAC web interface.
  2. Go to Boot > BIOS setup.

  3. Click Power and restart the server.
  4. Go to System BIOS > Boot Settings after reboot.
  5. Set Boot mode to BIOS. All other settings are changed automatically as shown in the figure. If the settings are not changed, update the values of all parameters accordingly.

    Note: If Boot mode is changed from UEFI to BIOS, the system must be rebooted.
    1. Go to Boot > BIOS setup to enter the System Setup page after reboot. See step2.
    2. Click Exit > Finish to restart the server.
    3. Click Yes to save changes.
    4. Go to System BIOS > Boot Settings after reboot.
  6. Go to BIOS Boot Settings > Boot Sequence.
  7. Change the boot order as follows.
    1. First boot device: Embedded NIC 1
      Note: Select the network interface allocated for provisioning network as the first boot device.
    2. Second boot device: Hard drive

  8. Select Exit > Finish. Click Yes to save changes.
    Note: The configuration will be checked during the introspection process of overcloud deployment.