Getting Started with Napatech Link-Virtualization™ Software

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Link-Virtualization™ Software 4.5

Use this guide to get you up and running with Napatech Link-Virtualization™ Software.

The Link-Virtualization™ Software solution provides an accelerated open source switching stack (Open vSwitch or OVS) for multitenant network virtualization environments.

The environment that is created using this guide provides the fundamental framework required to run Link-Virtualization™ Software.

OVS is proven to be a large consumer of CPU resources in virtualized server deployments. Link-Virtualization™ Software provides hardware-based virtual switching, using OVS technology within the Napatech SmartNIC to offload traffic and free up CPU usage.

Link-Virtualization™ Software uses OpenFlow communications protocol rules and standard OVS API commands. See for more information.

The diagram shows the architecture that we will create:

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