Repeat the Configuration on host 2 and Verify Connectivity

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Link-Virtualization™ Software 4.5

About this task


  1. Repeat Create Bridges for Each Tenant, Create the OVS Provider Bridge and Start 2 VMs, Starting 2 VMs and Configure IP Interface for each VM for host2, changing the MAC and IP addresses as appropriate:
  2. In the VM for host2, configure the OVS-connected Ethernet port with an IP address:
    Note: It is important that for each tenant each VM is configured with a unique IP address on the same IP subnet. Different tenants could use addresses from the same IP subnet since they are isolated on different integration bridges.
    Note: The following is an example IP address configuration.

    VM A2 (host2)

    ip addr add dev <if>
    ip link set <if> up

    VM B2 (host2)

    ip addr add dev <if>
    ip link set <if> up
  3. Verify connectivity:
    Expect the following result:
    • All VMs of each tenant should have connectivity to each other.
    • No VM should have connectivity to a VM from another tenant.