Single-Node OpenStack Installation with Packstack

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This shows how to quickly bring up a proof-of-concept OpenStack environment on one node using the Packstack installation utility.

System requirements

To deploy OpenStack on a single node, two servers are required. One server is used as a director node which runs playbooks, accesses another server remotely to configure and deploy all OpenStack components. The following table shows the system requirements of the target server for deploying OpenStack. The director node doesn't have any system requirements.
  Minimum Recommended
CPU 4 cores, 2.4 GHz 24 cores, 2.67 GHz
RAM 8 GB 24 GB or more
Hard disk 2 × 500 GB (7200 RPM) 4 × 500 GB (7200 RPM)
Note: The provided test example uses the m1.medium flavor. For more information on required hardware configurations, see Note: The flavor types and the number VM instances to determine required hardware configurations.