Summary of the Huntington Beach 2 Release

Huntington Beach 2 Release Summary

Napatech SmartNIC
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This document gives a brief overview of the Huntington Beach 2 release for the NT accelerators.
Note: The Huntington Beach 2 release supports Napatech accelerators with fourth-generation architecture (also referred to as 4GA) as well as Napatech accelerators with third-generation architecture (also referred to as 3GA). However, only the documentation relevant for Napatech 4GA accelerators is included in the product package. The documentation relevant for Napatech 3GA accelerators can be found on (Support Center).
Note: Combinations of 3GA and 4GA accelerators in the same server are not supported.
Note: This document only describes the 4GA features. The corresponding document describing the latest 3GA release is DN-0971, Napatech, Green Bay 2, Release Summary.


In this document the term NT20E2 does not include NT20E2-PTP accelerators, and the term NT4E does not include NT4E2-4-PTP, NT4E2-4T-BP and NT4E-STD accelerators. However, the term NT200C01-2 includes NT200C01-2-NEBS accelerators, the term NT100E3-1-PTP includes NT100E3-1-PTP-NEBS accelerators, the term NT80E3-2-PTP includes NT80E3-2-PTP-NEBS accelerators, the term NT40E3-4-PTP includes NT40E3-4-PTP-NEBS accelerators, the term NT20E3-2-PTP includes NT20E3-2-PTP-NEBS accelerators, and the term NT4E includes NT4E-4-NEBS accelerators, except in contexts where the NEBS accelerators are also mentioned specifically.