Summary of the Huntington Beach 4.1 Release

Huntington Beach 4.1 Release Summary

Napatech SmartNIC
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This document gives a brief overview of the Huntington Beach 4.1 release for the NT SmartNICs.
Note: The Huntington Beach 4.1 release supports Napatech SmartNICs with fourth-generation architecture (also referred to as 4GA) as well as Napatech SmartNICs with third-generation architecture (also referred to as 3GA). However, only the documentation relevant for Napatech 4GA SmartNICs is included in the product package.
Note: Combinations of 3GA and 4GA SmartNICs in the same server are not supported.
Note: This document only describes the 4GA features. The corresponding document describing the latest 3GA release is DN-0971, Napatech, Green Bay 2, Release Summary.


In this document the term NT20E2 does not include NT20E2-PTP SmartNICs, and the term NT4E does not include NT4E2-4-PTP, NT4E2-4T-BP and NT4E-STD SmartNICs. However, the term NT200C01-2 includes NT200C01-2-NEBS SmartNICs, the term NT100E3-1-PTP includes NT100E3-1-PTP-NEBS SmartNICs, the term NT80E3-2-PTP includes NT80E3-2-PTP-NEBS SmartNICs, the term NT40E3-4-PTP includes NT40E3-4-PTP-NEBS SmartNICs, the term NT20E3-2-PTP includes NT20E3-2-PTP-NEBS SmartNICs, and the term NT4E includes NT4E-4-NEBS SmartNICs, except in contexts where the NEBS SmartNICs are also mentioned specifically.