SmartNICs and Port Speeds

Installation and Use of Napatech Link-Capture™ Software for Intel® PAC with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA

Intel® PAC
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Quick Guide
Capture Software Version
Link™ Capture Software 12.9

SmartNICs found in system

The upper area displays a list of available SmartNICs and the port numbering. You can edit the port speed for dual-rate pluggable modules.

Welcome screen showing port speeds and port range for the available SmartNICs

Port speed for dual-rate pluggable modules

Press the Tab key to move the focus to the SmartNIC list.

Press Up or Down to move the focus between SmartNICs.

Edit the Port speed field to select the port speed for 1/10Gbit/s dual-rate pluggable modules.

Configuration type screen