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Link™ Capture Software 12.8

Filter-based local retransmission

It is possible to locally retransmit frames on multiple ports while delivering the same frames to the host as illustrated in the figure.

This NTPL example configures filters to retransmit SMTP traffic on one port, HTTP traffic on another and the rest of the traffic on a third port, while everything is captured and delivered to stream 0.
Define mTcpSrcPort = \\
Define mTcpPort_HTTP = Macro("80")
Define mTcpPort_SMTP = Macro("25")

Assign[StreamId=0] = Port==0 # Capture all
Assign[Priority=0; DestinationPort=1] = (mTcpSrcPort == mTcpPort_SMTP AND Port==0 AND \\
Assign[Priority=0; DestinationPort=2] = (mTcpSrcPort == mTcpPort_HTTP AND Port==0 AND \\
Assign[Priority=10;DestinationPort=3] = Port==0 # The remaining traffic