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Napatech Software Suite: _msg_box_s Struct Reference
_msg_box_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

volatile uint32_t rdIdx
volatile uint32_t wrIdx
NtNetBuf_t data [MSG_BOX_DEPTH]

Detailed Description


Definition at line 443 of file ipfdemo_example.c.

Field Documentation

volatile uint32_t _msg_box_s::rdIdx

Definition at line 444 of file ipfdemo_example.c.

volatile uint32_t _msg_box_s::wrIdx

Definition at line 445 of file ipfdemo_example.c.

NtNetBuf_t _msg_box_s::data[MSG_BOX_DEPTH]

Definition at line 446 of file ipfdemo_example.c.

The documentation for this struct was generated from the following file:
  • examples/net/ipfdemo/ipfdemo_example.c