Connect External Cable for Time Synchronization

NT20E3-2-PTP Installation

Napatech SmartNIC
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Hardware Installation Guide

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To time-synchronize two SmartNICs, they must be connected via a time synchronization cable. The connection between the SmartNICs can be made externally by using the connectors on the I/O brackets.


Connect a Tyco Industrial Mini connector with proprietary pin-out to the external time synchronization connector on the I/O bracket of the SmartNIC.
External_Time_Sync_Connector Sheet.1 Sheet.2 External time synchronization connector External time synchronization connector Sheet.3

The Tyco Industrial Mini connectors on the SmartNIC consist of both an SMA port and an RJ45 port. The connectors must be connected to one of the time synchronization adapters described in Connect the External Time Synchronization cable using a PTP-SMA Time Synchronization Adapter and Connect the External Time Synchronization cable using a PTP-SMA/RJ45 Time Synchronization Adapter.