Install a SmartNIC in a Server

NT20E3-2-PTP Installation

Napatech SmartNIC
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Hardware Installation Guide

About this task

The SmartNIC is not hot-pluggable.


  1. Power off the server, and remove the server cover.
    Refer to the server documentation for correct procedure and for safety instructions.
  2. Remove the SmartNIC from the ESD bag.
    Observe the ESD precautions detailed in ESD Precautions when handling or placing the SmartNIC on a surface.
  3. Insert the SmartNIC in a vacant PCI Express ×8 or ×16 connector, ensuring that it sits securely within the PCI Express connector.
  4. Optionally connect the optional auxiliary power connector to an additional power supply outlet (see Optional Auxiliary Power Connector Specifications).
  5. Secure the SmartNIC at the rear end of the server by fastening it at the top of the I/O bracket using the retention mechanism provided in the server, if applicable.
  6. Plug in the desired SFP or SFP+ modules.

    See Plug In a Pluggable Module for more detailed instructions.

  7. Connect a network device via a fiber optic cable or via a copper-based cable to the SmartNIC depending on the pluggable module.
  8. Replace the server cover, and power on.
  9. Install the driver for the SmartNIC.
    For information on installing a Napatech driver, see:


The SmartNIC is now ready to operate.