NT40A01-SCC Installation

Napatech SmartNIC
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Hardware Installation Guide

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This document contains information about port numbering, LEDs and HW installation related to the Napatech NT40A01-SCC PCIe Gen3 SmartNIC (UL name NT40A01-S).

Serial number labels

On the serial number label is written Type:NT40E3-4-PTP although the product is an NT40A01-SCC. The reason is that the same PBA (printed board assembly) is used for the two products.

Installation by qualified personnel

A Napatech SmartNIC is an OEM product designed for integration with another product. The end user is not intended to install this product.

Installation must be referred to qualified personnel who understand and are trained to work with server hardware. The installer must read this manual, especially Safety, before attempting to install, test or use the SmartNIC.