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Network Interface Modules

Napatech SmartNIC
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The readable data can be divided into static data and dynamic data.

Static readable data

The static readable data encompasses information about, for instance, the type of NIM, the vendor name, product number, serial number, revision and link length information.

Dynamic readable data

Note: Certain types of NIMs only contain static data. If a NIM contains dynamic data, this is flagged in the static data.

The dynamic readable data, gives information about temperature, supply voltage, RX power level, TX power level, TX bias current and so on. These data can be provided with internal or external calibration. Internal calibration means that the data can be read and used as they are, while external calibration requires that the values that are read directly must be calibrated mathematically by means of certain calibration data, provided in the static data.

Warning and alarm bits can also be a part of the dynamic data. For instance, an alarm can be set, if the temperature of the module rises above or below certain limits that are contained in the static data. The temperature can also be compared with the alarm/warning limits manually.
Note: If external calibration is used, it must be applied both to the currently read temperature value and to the static temperature limits.