Handling FPGA Images

Napatech SmartNIC
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This document contains information about the installation and usage of Napatech's image control tool (imgctrl), which is an all-in-one tool for updating and manipulating the onboard firmware and FPGA images on NT SmartNICs. For Napatech Driver Software the tool replaces the UpdateImage, ChangePrimaryImage and FpgaImageStatus tools (see DN-0128, DN-0164 or DN-0184).

Highlights concerning imgctrl

The imgctrl tool can handle and operate on all Napatech NT PCI Express SmartNICs.

imgctrl is a stand-alone tool, and requires all existing Napatech drivers to be unloaded before use. The tool detects if this is the case, and outputs a proper warning if another driver is currently loaded. This is a safety mechanism designed to prevent SmartNIC use by any other application while images are being maintained.

imgctrl can operate in three different modes (see Image Control Modes of Operation):

  • Query - a mode which prints useful information about each NT SmartNIC
  • Switch - a mode which is used to switch the FPGA image
  • Program - a mode which upgrades/downgrades the FPGA banks and handles firmware for peripheral components