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Napatech SmartNIC
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This document describes how Napatech SmartNICs can be traced using the part number labels on the SmartNICs and using the productinfo tool. The productinfo tool is part of the Napatech tools package, which is included in product releases and available for download from (the Napatech Support Portal).
Note: Napatech SmartNICs can only be traced as described in this document. Any information retrieved from other labels, via other Napatech tools or by other means cannot be used to trace Napatech SmartNICs.


In this document the term NT20E does not include NT20E3-2-PTP, NT20E2 and NT20E2-PTP SmartNICs, the term NT20E2 does not include NT20E2-PTP SmartNICs, and the term NT4E does not include NT4E2-4-PTP, NT4E2-4T-BP and NT4E-STD SmartNICs.