Configuring Global Time Stamp Injection

Time-Stamping and Time Synchronization

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Time stamp injection can be controlled per packet by a control bit in the dynamic packet descriptors. This is illustrated in the net/timestamp_inject code example (see DN-0449).This section describes how to configure time stamp injection globally.
Note: This section only applies to NT200A02, NT100A01 and NT50B01 SmartNICs running on a test and measurement image.

Global time stamp injection

The TimestampInjectAlways parameter determines if a time stamp is injected in all frames to be transmitted.

ntservice.ini code line

The syntax for the ntservice.ini code line setting the global time stamp injection is:

TimestampInjectAlways' '=' ( 'true' | 'false' )



Default value

This table shows the default value.

Parameter Default Value
TimestampInjectAlways false