Configuring PTP Unicast Mode

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This section describes how to configure PTP unicast mode.
Note: PTP unicast mode cannot be used with the PTP Power profile.

PTP unicast mode

It is possible to connect to up to 10 IP addresses of PTP master clocks for unicast requests. The clock implementation combines the multicast announce messages with the announce messages from all the granted unicast masters to find the best master clock to select for synchronization. A PTP SmartNIC can also be used as unicast master.

Unicast master table query interval

The PtpUnicastMasterTblQueryInt parameter specifies how often to query for unicast sessions with each of the masters listed in the unicast master table. The query interval is specified in units of log2 seconds.

Unicast transmit duration

The PtpUnicastTransmitDuration parameter specifies the grant period in seconds to initially request for in a unicast request TLV (type/length value) message.
Note: For the PTP Telecom profile the range is restricted to between 60 and 1000 seconds.

Unicast master addresses

The PtpUnicastMasterAddr<1, 2, ..., 10> parameters can each specify an IPv4 address. These addresses constitute the unicast master table. No particular order is required. Only as many addresses as specified are part of the active table.

PTP Telecom domains

The PtpTelecomDomain<1, 2, ..., 10> parameters apply to the PTP Telecom profile with masters running in different PTP domains. They can each specify a PTP domain. These PTP domains match up with the unicast master addresses and the parameters must be specified in pairs when using the PTP Telecom profile, a pair for each master.

ntservice.ini code line

The syntax for the ntservice.ini code line configuring PTP unicast mode is:

'PtpUnicastMasterTblQueryInt' '=' ( '0' | '1' |  '2' | ... | '16' )
'PtpUnicastTransmitDuration' '=' ( '10' | '11' |  '12' |  ... |
  '1000' )
'PtpUnicastMasterAddr<1, 2, ..., 10>' '=' <IP address>
'PtpTelecomDomain<1, 2, ..., 10>' '=' ( '4' | '5' |  '6' | ... | '23' )



Default values

This table shows the default values.

Parameter Default Value
PtpUnicastMasterTblQueryInt 1
PtpUnicastTransmitDuration 300
PtpUnicastMasterAddr<1, 2, ..., 10>
Note: The default value is not used, since the parameters have no effect, unless they are listed in the ntservice.ini file.
PtpTelecomDomain<1, 2, ..., 10> 4
Note: The default value is not used, since the parameters have no effect, unless they are listed in the ntservice.ini file.