IEEE 1588 PTP Slave

Time-Stamping and Time Synchronization

Intel® PAC
Napatech SmartNIC
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NT SmartNICs can be connected to an IEEE 1588 PTP network and synchronize the time stamp clock to a PTP grandmaster.


The figure shows an NT SmartNIC configured in PTP slave mode. The Napatech SmartNIC time stamp clock (TS Clk) is synchronized to the PTP grandmaster reference clock (Ref Clk).
Note: On NT200A02 and NT100A01 SmartNICs the RJ45 port on the external time synchronization connector is replaced by a separate RJ45 time synchronization connector.
SmartNIC configured in slave mode, with the SmartNIC time stamp clock synchronized to the PTP grandmaster reference clock

ntservice.ini configuration

These ntservice.ini code lines configure the NT SmartNIC (Napatech SmartNIC PTP Slave) for the setup in Illustration and to permanently run in PTP slave-only mode (clock class 255).

TimeSyncReferencePriority = PTP, FreeRun