Specifying a Status Log File

Time-Stamping and Time Synchronization

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This section describes how to specify a status log file from the PTP stack.

PTP status log file

The PtpStatusLogFile parameter allows the user to specify a path for a status log file that the driver then generates with status dumps obtained from the PTP stack every second. This text file can be inspected later for troubleshooting and support purposes. The status dumps contain the most interesting status parameters:

  • Clock state
  • PTP time
  • Current offset from the master
  • Maximum offset
  • Mean path delay
  • Peer delay
  • Calculated standard deviation
  • Grandmaster clock ID
  • Master-to-slave delay unfiltered/master-to-slave delay filtered
  • Slave-to-master delay unfiltered/slave-to-master delay filtered
  • One-way delay unfiltered/one-way delay filtered
  • Actual phase change rate

ntservice.ini code line

The syntax for the ntservice.ini code line specifying a PTP status log file is:

'PtpStatusLogFile' '=' <ASCII character> { <ASCII character> }



Default value

This table shows the default value.

Parameter Default Value
PtpStatusLogFile (an empty string)