Software Installation for Linux

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Napatech SmartNIC
Software Installation Guide

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This document contains information about SW installation for Linux related to SmartNICs with Napatech Software Suite.

Napatech Software Suite provides a kernel mode driver, a user mode service (ntservice), an API (NTAPI), tools for configuring and monitoring SmartNICs, and tools for capturing and generating network traffic using SmartNICs.
Note: SmartNICs with Napatech Software Suite do not show up as standard network interfaces when you run standard network tools such as ifconfig or ip. You must use Napatech-specific tools to configure and monitor the SmartNICs. In this installation guide, the tools imgctrl (only applies to Napatech NT SmartNICs) and adapterinfo are used to verify steps in the installation process.
Note: You must install libpcap with Napatech extensions in order to use PCAP applications with SmartNICs and Napatech Software Suite. This installation guide includes installation of libpcap with Napatech extensions. Please refer to DN-0428 for information about configuration of libpcap with Napatech extensions.
Note: This document refers to functionality provided by Napatech Software Suite (also referred to as 3GD). For users of Napatech Driver Software (also referred to as 2GD), please refer to the appropriate documentation relevant for Napatech Driver Software.
Refer to these documents for information on how to install a Napatech NT SmartNIC in a server:


In this document the term NT100E3-1-PTP does not include NT100E3-1-PTP-NEBS SmartNICs, the term NT80E3-2-PTP does not include NT80E3-2-PTP-NEBS SmartNICs, and it does not include NT80E3-2-PTP-8×10/2×40 SmartNICs, except in the title of the Hardware Installation Guide (DN-0980), the term NT40E3-4-PTP does not include NT40E3-4-PTP-NEBS SmartNICs, the term NT20E3-2-PTP does not include NT20E3-2-PTP-NEBS SmartNICs, the term NT20E2 does not include NT20E2-PTP SmartNICs, the term NT20E does not include NT20E3-2-PTP, NT20E3-2-PTP-NEBS, NT20E2, NT20E2-PTP and NT20E-NEBS SmartNICs, and the term NT4E does not include NT4E2-4-PTP, NT4E2-4T-BP, NT4E-4-NEBS and NT4E-STD SmartNICs.