Missing libpcap Devices

libpcap Installation

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Software Installation Guide
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Link™ Capture Software 12.10


If a virtual device does not show up in the libpcap device list, the explanation can be one of these:

  • An NTPL Assign command has specified an invalid/unavailable port. This does not generate an error.
  • There are no more host buffers available for RX.
  • One or more NTPL commands are erroneous or incompatible.
  • No stream ID is defined in an NTPL Assign command for the virtual device, and the StreamId parameter is absent.
  • Different stream IDs are defined in two RX specifications for the same virtual device, and the StreamId parameter is absent.
Note: To avoid errors in NTPL commands, it is recommended to test an NTPL command using the ntpl tool, before adding the command to the ntpcap.ini file.
Note: If the name of a virtual device corresponding to an existing stream clashes with that of a virtual device defined in the ntpcap.ini file (see Format of the ntpcap.ini File), the latter is ignored. To avoid unintended clashes, make sure to use stream IDs in the ntpcap.ini file that are not used in other configurations of the installed SmartNICs.