Load the Driver and Start the ntservice Daemon on Linux

Basic Troubleshooting

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Napatech SmartNIC
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Link™ Capture Software 12.3

Run ntstart.sh

You can run ntstart.sh in order to load the driver and start ntservice on Linux as shown below.
$ sudo /opt/napatech3/bin/ntstart.sh
Loading driver [Done]
Running sanity checks [Done]
Starting NTService (this may take a while) [Done]

The actual messages will depend on the version of the driver package.

Log messages from the driver

To monitor the log messages from the driver, you can start ntservice in console mode after loading the driver as shown in the example below.

$ sudo /opt/napatech3/bin/ntload.sh
Loading driver [Done]
Running sanity checks [Done]

$ sudo /opt/napatech3/bin/ntservice 

Log messages

You can run the ntlog tool to see the logs from the driver and ntservice. Please refer to Check Error Messages from the Driver for more information on how to check the log messages.