Packet Merging

Software Architecture

IntelĀ® PAC
Napatech SmartNIC
Overview Document


Packet merging makes it possible to merge multiple host buffers into one stream.

This is not something that is configured directly, but happens automatically whenever data from multiple SmartNICs is assigned to the same stream. It is something the applications need to be aware of but not to control, as it is handled by the driver software.

It is of course also possible to combine data sharing and packet merging and thereby share merged host buffers.

Note: Packet merging is only possible when using the packet API, as packet merging is based on the time stamps in the individual packets.
Note: Using an All filter expression in a multiple SmartNIC system results in packet merging between the SmartNICs in the system.
Note: Packet merging is done in software and therefore requires some CPU cycles.