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Napatech SmartNIC
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struct argparse_option arg_options[]

Initial value

= { OPT_HELP(), OPT_INTEGER('a', "adapter", &opt_adapter, "The adapter to run tests on", NULL, 0, 0, "adapter number"), OPT_INTEGER('r', "reasm", &opt_reasm, "Number of concurrent IP fragments re-assembling streams/threads", NULL, 0, 0, "number"), OPT_INTEGER('u', "unm", &opt_unm, "Number of concurrent un-matched streams/threads", NULL, 0, 0, "number"), OPT_INTEGER('f', "fragtimeout", &opt_frag, "How old fragments may get before they are deleted from tables (ms)", NULL, 0, 0, "ms"), OPT_STRING( 'p', "tablepersist", &opt_persist, "FPGA TablePersist", NULL, 0, 0, "timeout|lastfragment"), OPT_INTEGER('t', "tabletimeout", &opt_timeout, "FPGA table timeout", NULL, 0, 0, "value"), OPT_END(), }

Table of valid options.

Definition at line 496 of file ipfdemo_example.c.