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Napatech SmartNIC
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Info streams are used to access system information. The info stream is read only.

To open an info stream call NT_InfoOpen. Once the info stream is open, the info read command needs to be set in the NtInfo_t structure and depending on the info command an adapter number, port number or similar also needs to be set. Once the NtInfo_t structure query is filled out, a call to NT_InfoRead makes the system read out the requested data. When done, call NT_InfoClose to close the stream.

The info stream read commands currently supported are:
  • System info - this includes the number of ports, adapters and sensors

  • Adapter info - this includes the number of sensors, ports, PCI ID and bus ID

  • Port info - this includes the port state, speed and duplex

  • Sensor info - this includes the sensor type, name and value

  • Host buffer info - this includes the NUMA node, size and feed

  • Time sync info - this includes the time sync connector and time sync data

  • Time sync external info - this includes the time sync information from a connected device

  • Stream ID info - this includes the Stream ID.

  • Product info - this includes the Product type, Product ID, Serial Number, PBA ID, AVR version, CPLD version and FPGA versions

  • PTP info - this includes the PTP related information

For an example of using the info stream see info/info_example.c

The info stream is not thread-safe. If the same stream handle is to be used by multiple threads, it must be mutex protected in the application.