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enum NtEventPort_e

Port events NT_EVENT_PORT_NIM_INSERTED and NT_EVENT_PORT_NIM_REMOVED will also be issued during the load of ntservice if a NIM is present/not present at this time. These events are not issued for fixed ports like RJ45.

If the link goes up or down then NT_EVENT_PORT_LINK_UP and NT_EVENT_PORT_LINK_DOWN are issued. A special case is relevant if the link goes down and then shortly afterwards up again and at the same time sampling is used to detect link changes (in contrast to interrupt). In this case this link down glitch might go undetected by the sampling itself. For most adapters however a sticky bit is set when the link goes down and remains in this state until cleared. If therefore the link is up at the current sampling, and it was also up at last sampling but the sticky bit indicates that the link has been down, then a NT_EVENT_PORT_LINK_DOWN event followed immidiately by a NT_EVENT_PORT_LINK_UP event is issued. In this case the log will also indicate that a link down glitch has occurred. It should be noted that the link might go up and down several times during a sampling period but this will only count as ONE link down glitch. Whether sampling or interrupt is used to detect link changes is adapter dependend.


Port link up event.


Port link down event.


Port RXAUI link error.


Port bypass activated event.


Port bypass deactivated event.


Port NIM inserted/found event.


Port NIM removed/not-found event.

Definition at line 116 of file stream_event.h.