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Napatech SmartNIC
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int NT_NetRxOpenMulti_v2 ( NtNetStreamRx_t * hStream,
    const char * name,
    enum NtNetInterface_e netIntf,
    uint32_t * paStreamId,
    unsigned int numStreamIds,
    int hostBufferAllowance,
    int flags

Opens in-line or capture host buffer(s) and returns a NtNetStreamRx_t handle.

This function is called to retrieve a handle to an in-line or capture network streams with flags. If multiple stream-ids are opened the data from them will be time stamp merged. Note multiple stream-ids can only be used with the packet interface.

It is important to start calling NT_NetRxGet() and NT_NetRxRelease() soon after this call to avoid packet drop. Host buffers are assigned/released to the streamid within NT_NetRxGet() and NT_NetRxRelease().

The flags shall be either NT_NETRX_NONE or the bitwise-inclusive OR of one or more of the other flags in the following table:




No flags set, equivalent to passing '0' as flag.


Using this option will cause a write to data returned by NT_NetRxGet to fail with a segmentation fault.


[out] hStream

Reference to a NtNetStreamRx_t stream pointer

[in] name

Stream friendly name - used in, for example, logging statements

[in] netIntf

Interface type - Can only be packet if multiple are opened

[in] paStreamId

Array containing the network stream IDs to open. A maximum of 8 streams can be specified.

[in] numStreamIds

The number of stream-ids in the paStreamId array

[in] hostBufferAllowance

Drop level for the host buffer allowancei (hysteresis), -1 means disabled

[in] flags

Flags for the stream OR'd together, or zero for no flags.

Return values




Error - use NT_ExplainError for an error description

Definition at line 528 of file stream_net.h.