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Napatech SmartNIC
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typedef struct NtInfoSensor_s NtInfoSensor_t

This structure will return the sensor specific information

The units used for the fields: value, valueLowest, valueHighest, limitLow and limitHigh depend on the type field. See NtSensorType_e.

For the limitLow and limitHigh fields the following applies: If the sensor is located in a NIM (Network Interface Module), the limits are read from the NIM module via the DMI (Diagnostic Monitoring Interface) from the alarm and warning threshholds section, and the units are changed to internal representation. Only the alarm threshholds are used and are read only once during initialization. The limits cannot be changed.

The value field is updated internally on a regular basis and is also based on a value read from the NIM which is also changed to internal representation.

Not all NIM types support DMI data, and its presence must be determined by reading an option flag. In general, a NIM can read out: temperature, supply voltage, TX bias, TX optical power and RX optical power but not all NIM types support all 5 values.

If external calibration is used (most NIM use internal calibration), both the current value and the threshold values are subjected to the specified calibration along with the change to internal calibration.

Definition at line 466 of file stream_info.h.