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Napatech SmartNIC
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int NT_NetFileOpen_v2 ( NtNetStreamFile_t * hStream,
    const char * name,
    enum NtNetInterface_e netIntf,
    const char * file,
    bool noConvert

Opens a capture file (extended version)

This function is called to open a capture file, captured with a segment-based stream. The capture file must have an NT, PCAP or PCAP-NG file header otherwise it will fail when opening the capture file.


[out] hStream

Reference to a NetFile_t stream pointer

[in] name

A stream friendly name - used in, for example, logging statements

[in] netIntf

Deliver packets or segments

[in] file

The capture file to open

[in] noConvert

Do not convert PCAP files (Native PCAP tx for 4GA)

Return values




Error - use NT_ExplainError for an error description

Definition at line 949 of file stream_net.h.