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Napatech SmartNIC
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int NT_NetTxOpen ( NtNetStreamTx_t * hStream,
    const char * name,
    uint64_t portMask,
    uint32_t NUMA,
    uint32_t minHostBufferSize

Opens a TX host buffer and returns a NtNetStreamTx_t handle.

This function is called to retrieve a TX stream handle. Note that the TX stream on capture-only adapters (NT4E Capture, NT4E_STD Capture and NT20E Capture) will have very limited transmit capabilities. They will not be able to transmit at line rate and their transmit sizes and statistics will also be limited. Packets larger than 2000 bytes will sliced to the size of 2000 bytes.


[out] hStream

Reference to a NtNetStreamTx_t stream pointer

[in] name

Stream friendly name - used in, for example, logging statements

[in] portMask

Bitmask for ports this stream will use for transmitting

[in] NUMA

NUMA node on which the host buffer is be located (NOTE: Special options in NtNetTxOpenNumaOption_e)

[in] minHostBufferSize

Minimum size of host buffer needed. Must be in MBytes. The smallest host buffer found that is larger or equal to minHostBufferSize is used and the size of the host buffer is set to minHostBufferSize. If set to 0, the first host buffer found is used regardsless of the size.

Return values




Error - use NT_ExplainError for an error description

Definition at line 672 of file stream_net.h.

Referenced by main().