Off-Line Access to Documentation

Off-Line Access to Documentation

All Napatech information is available online. It can be easily downloaded from a number of sources for off-line use.

If you are working in an environment where you do not have online access to the Napatech technical documentation, you need to save a copy of the Napatech technical documentation to your local drive for off-line use.

While you are in an online environment, download the documentation from one of these sources:

    1. Locate the publication you require.
    2. If it is a PDF file , click the associated download icon .

      If it is a book , click the publication, click the tab, and then click the PDF or ZIP file icon.

    3. Save the PDF or ZIP file to your local drive.

    You can extract the technical documentation from the software release package, which you can download from the Napatech Support Portal at
    1. Unzip the software release package.
    2. Copy the documentation folder and its contents to your local drive.