What is Supported?

Stateful Flow Management

Napatech SmartNIC
User Guide

Napatech Stateful Flow Management supports a wide range of flow features and capabilities.

Supported speeds and volumes

  • 2x40/8x10 Gbit/s wire speed packet processing
  • 50 M bidirectional flows, with metrics/metadata per flow direction (64-bytes flow records), totaling 100 M flow records
  • Between 85 M and 130 M lookups per second (LPS), depending on the level of metrics collection
  • Intelligent caching to ensure even higher lookup rates for ”hot” flows/elephant flows

Other supported features

  • Learning/configuration rate exceeds 2 M flows/s
  • Based on fast DMA access
  • Support for up to 256 threads/processes performing lockless learning in parallel
  • Full stateful operation, with flow record updates on a per-packet basis
  • Flow termination based on TCP state, timeout or application
  • Flow Info records can be generated and used for NetFlow/IPFIX generation
  • Metrics collected for packet count, byte count, and TCP flags. Metrics collection can be enabled on a per-flow basis
  • Zero packet loss. Packets that cannot be looked up by HW can be handled by SW
  • Fast Path forward latency <10µs

Software and API support

  • NTAPI support: native API with fastest performance
  • Sample application provided showing SW Flow Learning, SW Flow Lookup, SW exception handling and SW flow termination handling.